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PoultryPro+ easy-to-use technology
enables broiler and layers farmers to
manage every aspect of their farm.


Farm Tracking

Manage multiple farm locations, generate daily and weekly KPI reports.

Inventory Management

Monitor individual stock, get low stock notifications, generate individual or all stock report for specified dates, set storage loss values to avoid shortage and to align with physical stock.


Never miss a vaccination date, add your own remainders for specific batches, never miss a payment deadline with upcoming payment notifications, get remainders on upcoming or overdue receivables.

Batch Monitoring

Monitor individual batch KPIs on daily or weekly basis, generate total batch cost reports, know your breakeven period on individual batches, monitor doctors notes and actions for each batch, compare batch KPIs against breed standards.

Feed Mill

Calculate feed formulations, setup nutrient profiles for raw materials, track costs of feed production, setup feed formulations for each batch, capture the weight loss between feed mill production and farm storage, keep track of all formulations for specific batches.

Effective Accounting

Track your everyday income and expenses, generate invoices, generate customer/vendor reports, export data in excel format, track your payments and receivables, handle bulk payments or receivables easily.

Cloud Based

Can be accessed from any device securely, eliminates the need for individual software installation and maintenance, your data is backed up securely, never lose any data to hardware failure, lowers infrastructure costs.

Sub Users

Give restricted access to your farm supervisors, doctors or office staff.

Easy to use

It is as simple as entering data into excel sheets, replaces all your spreadsheets and combines them into one system, with access from anywhere and any device.


Poultry Management system

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